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Is it important to you to go back and relive those special moments in time?
It is to us!


J&P Productions are storytellers. We concentrate on capturing the feelings, emotions and beauty of life’s most precious moments. We combine artistry and music with technology to tell an elegant and entertaining story. When you sit down to watch one of our productions you are not going to see your uncle’s three hours of unedited video. Using state of the art equipment J&P Productions fully edits your video. We create interesting and unique videos that touch the heart.

Hollywood Techniques

J&P Productions employs many of the same techniques that Hollywood Producers use. To achieve the Hollywood look we shot with a minimum of three cameras and two videographers . This allows us to create unique images and gives motion to your video. You will see a professional movie style production that is fun to watch.

No Cookie Cutter Productions

We understand the importance of your event. We apply the same techniques and style to all of our event videos, but, each event that we produce is a new experience that receives our complete attention, energy and enthusiasm. From celebrations of life to training and motivational videos we will combine our talent and technique to your wants and desires to ensure your expectations are fulfilled.

We can film and edit almost any event, almost anywhere. Contact us!



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